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GripGreg wrote:Walmart Brand?? Wow. Have you compared all the particulars?
I buy Castrol 20/50 from Walmart but, I haven't even thought about an off brand for my oil. Wow!
Castrol has been proven in racing, has Walmart? Who makes the oil? Is it cheaper?
Good luck,,,,Greg
Wow? I'll say I've had good luck using Walmart oil. I've driven my E3 every day for 9 years, putting an additional 150,000+ miles on the used 1988 3.5l motor I got for $100 from Pick-n-Pull. It's still running strong, and if it happens to fail I have another one in my garage.
Walmart oil has an API rating of SM, It's made by Warren, and runs about $12 for 5 quarts.
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