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gunked up thermostat cover

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:50 pm
by garyinwestoz
I wish now I took a photo of my thermostate cover yesterday
FYI my 76 525 manual

but after some time in figuring things and out and playing with it ( like for 3 years) , I managed to rewire the engine system so the LPG is now disabled and the petrol system runs, such that I got the car started -

after getting it started I took if for a drive - but within 2 mins water was pissing out of the radiator - bugger - thank goodness I only got to the front gate - turn around and back to the shed

so I took radiator out and in doing so, also removed the top and bottom hoses - and guess what?

The damn thermostate cover was completely full of gunk - no water was going to flow and the hose connection spout was ahh... rusted to almost nothing - wish I took a photo to show you guys- so now Im after a new thermostate cover.

FYI spare parts car ( a 78 528i) is auto, but its radiator fits the manual car - the body shell has the extra holes on the right hand side for fixing the removable bracket!