Air Flow Meter

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Air Flow Meter

Post by adika »

Hello everyone, is there a way to get rid of the air flow meter and put something that will work better. I believe its the reason the car is having some idle issues and I cant seem to adjust it.

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Re: Air Flow Meter

Post by Mike W. »

Well, MAFs are better but I've never heard of software to integrate them to L jet. Even on E28s with chips they tend to be cranky. AFMs can wear, but are generally repairable and really do pretty well.
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Re: Air Flow Meter

Post by keehn »

Check to make sure your cold air valve is working properly. It might be as simple as needing a cleaning. The idle air screw on the air flow meter is meant for fine-tuning, not to be a substitute for the cold air valve.

On my car, my cold air valve is located under the intake manifold. You will need to bleed out enough coolant (which will be a lot) to avoid a mess when removing.

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Re: Air Flow Meter

Post by dsw99a »

Ive seen on an "air flow meter delete pipe/temp sensor", i have no idea how it works or if it works, but might be worth checking out.
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