rear half /output shaft - torque setting

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rear half /output shaft - torque setting

Post by garyinwestoz »

feb 80 528i auto

Due to one of the rear output shaft CV boots being split, and thus spraying grease to the underside of the body, Im having to either replace the boot or replace the drive shaft.

boots its seems have 2 options - a Rein kit for US $10 or genuine BMW kit for US$75 + delivery ... 3219067912 ... 67-912-BOE

Ive got a spare parts car, whose boots seemed to be okay - so Ive removed them and cleaned them up a bit - sprayed tyre black on the rubber, painted the other black bits - came out okay

now i'm installed this good shaft.

Haynes ch 8 pg 132 torqe settings says
output flange bolt -65-72 lb ft / 90-100 Nm - is that correct?

Anyone with a workshop manual please confirm the correct torque settings for these half shafts please.

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Here is some photos of the process.

output shaft with split boot - note grease on underbody in background

Disassembled the half shaft to remove the boot - pretty simple, clip of the circlip and then pull the joint off


Whilst the shaft was out, I cleaned up the underbody a bit. Can see the original paint colour now!


This is the output shaft from the spare parts car ( 78 528i auto) - covered in dirt - which is a good thing - protecting the rubber from deterioration - it needs a good clean. So into my cleaning box it goes


My cleaning box - is simply a large clear plastic tub, Lid has offset hole for slipping spray wand through ( mains pressure water) I use a UB to keep the part out of the water. I use a clear tub so I can see what I am doing from the outside. So far this set up has worked really well for me.



I sprayed it twice - first time just to get the surface muck off , followed by scrubbing with toothbrush dipped in kero to get ingrained muck off, then squirted it again in the tub, then dryed with a cloth.I decided to scrap paint off the plated parts and gave a light sanding to the black painted parts.
Then I sprayed with flat black paint to the black parts ,sprayed tyre black on the rubber boots and left the gold plated parts unpainted.


Then installed, now waiting for correct torquing up.


So now it looks clean but not new - which matches the other side.
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Re: rear half /output shaft - torque setting

Post by HB528i »

Loctite is recommended but I just did this using a long handled ratchet and just tightened it up as hard as I remembered it took to loosen.
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Re: rear half /output shaft - torque setting

Post by keehn »


I'm digging your pressure washer setup - that is a persistent problem for me, and I simply resign myself to wearing grubby clothes, because I know I'm getting a greasy bath :lol:

Recommend locktite red for these bolts by the way, so I second HB528i's recommendation.

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