Electric wire routing on engine

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Electric wire routing on engine

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Reconstructing the furnace, I forgot or never knew how the main electric cable collection between fuse box and engine is routed.

I have a plastic clamp that seems to go to the upper part of the frame rail, then it crosses over to the engine, where I have an iron clamp with rubber inside that I fixed using one of the engine mount bolts, and I routed the cable on the right side of the engine oil dip stick shaft (the side towards the bulkhead/firewall).

That is the route that the clamps, position of possible clamp mounting points and the shape of the 38 year old stiff cable sleeve suggest. But it kind of interferes with the acceleration rod assembly, more precise, with the plate that transforms the horizontal movement form the pedal to the vertical movement towards the carburettors.

So, I would really appreciate if someone can comment on the routing or even better, post a picture of how it should be. Car is a 1976 528 zenith, but I figure that other types of that age would have similar layouts.
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