brake pressure regulator

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brake pressure regulator

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Anyone had one of these fail? No issues noticed with braking performance, but I finally traced my mystery leak to this unit.

I'm replacing this original part this weekend. It's not fun to access unless you already have the brake booster out (it's directly under it). Working from the bottom, you've barely got enough space to swing your wrenches between the frame rail and the steering column rubber coupling. You've also got to take care not to bend the flimsy bracket holding it.

For once I'm glad I'm running DOT 5 fluid. At $30/qt, I'm not glad when I'm buying it. Leaking fluid has made a slippery mess out of the local frame rail area and under the car. Since DOT5 doesn't dissolve paint, at least I'm only cleaning rather than also needing to paint some nearly inaccessible areas.
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