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suspension setups - tips from E28 forum

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I found this discussion about E28 suspension setup - which maybe of interest - as it does mention e12 a little - inparticular the Rear tendency to loose grip on hard (going fast around ) corners - particularly when road is wet! ... ts_Driving

note this page is rather long and includes

Sports Driving
track setup
Other Things You Need To Know
Offset Front Strut Bushing
Spring Part Numbers
Spring Discussions
Dinan Suspension Setups
Toe-In Setting.

The comments on the overly negative rear camber setting is interesting.

This read is of interest to me as we now have style 5 16" inch wheels 225/55/R16 ( from E39) to install initially on the e28 , then later onto the e12 525 (once its ready for the road). The e28 currently has Bilstein HD shock with stock (red strip) strings, and I'm finding the front too harsh for normal road driving - but great around corners!
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