Install Getrag 5 speed to 1985 735i Automatic ???

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canada karl
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Install Getrag 5 speed to 1985 735i Automatic ???

Post by canada karl » Sat Aug 31, 2019 7:27 am

Would this trans bolt up to the E23 motor... flywheel? I realize it would be a lot of work in regard to clutch pedal mods. Trying to to see if I can salvage some E12 parts to a solid 85 E23 with a bad trans. Any thoughts?
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Re: Install Getrag 5 speed to 1985 735i Automatic ???

Post by Lock » Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:29 pm

If you mean the Getrag 265 5-speed, yes it would bolt up but an '85 m30b35 Motronic uses sensors in the bellhousing which your 265 doesn't have mounts for, same for the flywheel. The 1985 528e 265 bellhousing should have these mounts, you'd need an e28/e23 manual flywheel and there may be other solutions too. A friend had a factory e23 735i manual and said it was a lot of fun. From personal experience replacing the 3hp22 or 4hp22 with a manual completely transforms the car.
Getting the clutch pedal assembly into the e23 should be pretty easy as it looks like it's the same as the e30 unit. That also means it has the 'e30 tax' though (2x-3x the cost due to e30). I used to have a pedal assembly and gave it away, the trick is to find people who have too much junk and want you to take it away.
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