Replacement A/C Compressor

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Re: Replacement A/C Compressor

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gmonsen wrote: Thu Apr 29, 2021 2:43 pm FYI: Mesa no longer offers the SD508 or the mounting kit. They also lost their rebuilder, though looking for another. Had no suggestions for me.

EDIT: Jim at Mesa has a mounting kit for the SD508.
Thanks for the update. SD508s are quite easy to find, so it's handy Jim has one kit for anyone that wants to go in that direction. There have been some cheap Chinese copies of the SD508, but they have a bad reputation. They are being sold for just $100 :!: :mrgreen:
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Re: Replacement A/C Compressor

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I sent you an e-mail, glad you found it
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Re: Replacement A/C Compressor

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Has anyone used the L.C. Wylie bracket to mount a Sanden on an E12? I know it's been used on E9s and also later M30 cars, but I asked Layne about E12 fitment and he was not sure.

Thanks, Cory
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