Hood adjustment directions?

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Hood adjustment directions?

Post by Harv »

So……. As we all know the hood adjustment is tough to get right. Is the height of the front of the hood dictated by the hood latch height? It looks like I have the front fenders in enough. I can push down enough but can’t get the latch to latch. If I raise the latch enough to catch the hood it sits too high.

I’ll figure it out eventually but was wondering if there was a tutorial somewhere.

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Re: Hood adjustment directions?

Post by Mike W. »

No tutorial I know of, but it seems like there are a couple of bump stops on the hood itself up front. If those are out of adjustment the could create the situation you're describing.

I've never really had problems with it, but always just replacing a hood removed for an engine swap, no new parts. Don't discount having the latch mechanism well lubed and working smoothly and it may be on the touchy side like door latches where you have to move it 100X before you find the "just right" spot.
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Re: Hood adjustment directions?

Post by 528i-1981 »

You might try to move the wing notches back or the rollers forward slightly to allow the latch at the front to grab. The notches don't have much play IIRC, but I seem to remember the rollers having some fore-aft.
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