Starter Bosch sr441x help

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Starter Bosch sr441x help

Post by Frederich »

Replacing Bosch sr995x starter - big heavy bastard - with Bosch sr441x - svelte and half the weight. Got old starter out after 8 hr struggle. Couple
suggestions : remove #6 plenum and disconnect throttle rod , so heavy starter doesn’t rest on it when extricating.
Need help wiring up new Bosch sr441x : old starter had red ignition wire connected to solenoid at top spade - marked 15a on solenoid and bottom wire from coil connected at bottom spade - marked 50.
New sr441x does not have any of terminals marked. In researching I have found that in replacing older starters with the sr441x that the ignition - red - connects to bottom spade and the wire from coil is not connected.
My car is 1978 530 I w/ regular points
Appreciate any help.
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Re: Starter Bosch sr441x help

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The bottom terminal at 6:00 is from the ignition switch. The old SR-71 used the upper terminal to bypass the ballast resistor only when cranking. Remove it entirely as it is still connected to the coil and it can ground out if loose and destroy your harness which just happened to an e9 friend.
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