Power steering pump - again.

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Power steering pump - again.

Post by Frederich »

1978 BMW 530i. Broke one of the 3 ears that attach the power steering pump to the adjustment brackets. One that broke is the top rear.
Broke it by applying too much force extracting set screw to drain pump.
My question is will I be able to maintain belt tension with only two bolts or is my pump junk. Have driven limited miles but not enough to know if I’m good with no worry.
This is a result of wanting to flush system without removing fluid lines to avoid leak that I didn’t have and more completely flush by draining from lowest point.
Now could need new pump.
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Re: Power steering pump - again.

Post by dutch »

That could cause pulling the pump out of alignment. Becomes a problem when it throws the belt and you suddenly have to corner with no ps.
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