Annoying Ignition Buzzer FAQ

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Courtesy of Jim Race

Are you annoyed by the plaintive wail of the whining buzzer when
your key is in the ignition and the door is open? I know I am....
Disabling instructions:
1) Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the phillips screw holding
the door closing sensor on the drivers side.
2) There will be two leads plugging into the back of the sensor. 
One is coated with a plastic/rubber shield ('79 528i). This is the one to be disconnected.
3) This would be a good time to also temporarily remove the other
one and clean the contact. You'd be amazed at how well the interior
light works!
4) Stuff the wires back in and secure the Phillips screw with your
trusty #2 screwdriver.
5) That's it! Now you can happily listen to the radio with the door
p.s... If you lock your keys in the car, it is now your own fault. :)

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