Motronic Throttle Conversion


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Courtesy of Tony Sims (gleaned from bulletin board posts)

This one (below) shows the cable a little better. There are 2 pieces to the mount, one that goes horizontally between two bolts on the block, and the second that positions the cable. Both are made from 1" by 1/8" aluminum flat stock, available at Home Depot, etc. I trimmed the bellcrank down to just the necessary size. Bellcrank pivot to cable hole center is 50mm.

As far as I know, it is the standard e28 throttle cable. It runs up beside the manifold and connects just like stock.

The horizontal part of the new mount connects to one of the engine mount bolts at the front and at the back to another threaded hole on the block that is in the same horizontal plane. the vertical part of the mount bolts through the horizontal part and lets you adjust to align the cable for the best position.

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