Paeco Header Installation

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Sean "Kaveman" Steinman decided to install some headers on his 528i. After evaluating the alternatives, he chose Paeco headers. When ordering, he asked Paeco to weld in a bung for the O2 sensor. Upon receiving them, Sean welded on the exhaust flanges. Then he sent the headers off to Jet Hot to be metallic-ceramic coated inside and out. When they were returned, he installed them and then fabricated some pipes to install a dual-in/dual-out catalytic converter between the headers and the stock exhaust system.

The pictures tell the story very well, and many thanks to Sean for them.

[Before Coating] | [After Coating] | [Installed] | [Exhaust]

Before Coating

[After Coating] | [Installed] | [Exhaust]

After Coating

[Installed] | [Exhaust]




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