Toolkit Inventory and Replacement FAQ

Updated 7/07/2008

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Courtesy of Adam Wilson
New! Jacking Tools Placement


Complete list of tools from Mobile Traditions Parts CD

P/N Desc
71-11-1-115-329Complete tool kit includes all the items below.
71-11-1-103-078Open end spanner 10mm/11mm
71-11-1-103-079Open end spanner 12mm/13mm
71-11-1-103-080Open end spanner 17mm/19mm
71-11-1-126-208Open end spanner 8mm/10mm
71-11-1-103-081Ring spanner 8mm/10mm
71-11-1-103-082Ring spanner 12mm/13mm
71-11-1-103-099Ring spanner 17mm/19mm
71-11-1-103-092Combination pliers
71-11-1-103-091Pump pliers
71-11-1-103-190Screwdriver (the small switchable one, I think)
71-11-1-179-629Screwdriver (the larger of the two)
71-11-1-179-745Spark plug wrench (SW21 ?)
71-11-1-103-084Socket wrench (NLA)
71-11-1-181-460Spark plug wrench (SW 16 ?)
71-11-1-103-085Pin (wheel alignment tool; that's what I use it for anyway.)

Photo of complete toolkit in trunklid tray.

Misc items, allen keys, foam tray for lightbulbs and fuses, wheel alignment tool, rag.

Closeup of lightbulb and fuse foam tray.

Combination pliers, ring spanners, and open end spanner wrenches.

Closeup showing size markings of ring spanner wrenches.

Closeup showing size markings of open spanner wrenches.

Closeup of combo pliers.

Screwdrivers, and spark plug wrenches.

Closeup of 21mm spark plug wrench.

Jacking tools placement (photo by T. Hanson)

Another view of proper jacking tools placement (photo by Henry Parker)

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