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This a list of many of the parts that are necessary to do a motronic conversion. If you have any additions, deltions, or further explanations, please send e-mail..


Part: - Part# - (Mfr.) - Notes:

Intake manifold - 11 61 1 276 (BMW) - 3.2/3.5L

Valve cover - 3.2/3.5L

Throttle body 3.2/3.5L, check butterfly dia.

Throttle switch 13 63 1 273 265 (BMW) Motronic version

0 280 120 302 (Bosch)

12 52 1 706 068 (3 plug)

Throttle body to

AFM bellows

Throttle linkage

Brake vacuum booster

Fuel injection rail 13 53 1 717 071 (BMW)

Fuel pressure regulator-3.0 bar 13 53 1 284 897 (BMW)

Flywheel-Motronic version 11 22 1 289 244 (BMW)

Bellhousing-Motronic version 21 11 1 225 493 (BMW)

Flywheel sensor (2)

EFI wiring harness

Engine wiring harness

ECU-Motronic version make note of model # for

future diagnosis

Air flow meter-Motronic version 13 62 1 286 064

Distributor & jack shaft

Plugs & plug wires

Ignition coil

Front timing cover

Idle control valve


Comments from Wieste

I've done this conversion and the best way to approach this project is
get the complete FI system from Bavarian Motor Wrecking.  I will save
much part chasing.


There are 2 different style cam shaft noses for the Motronic 3.2 and

The earlier style has the slide on rotor and will support a distributor
if you have the correct upper chain cover.  This was done to accomidate
the conventional used in Europe on the M30 2.8 and the Motronic used
here in the US on the 3.2.

The later style has a bolt on rotor (different cap too) and will not
support a distributor.

Once you have all the parts, the hardest part was converting the e12
"push with rods" style throttle to the e28 "pull with a cable" style
throttle linkage.

I had to design and have 2 brackets fabricated to accomplish this.

I have 2 extra sets of brackets, hardware and instructions to anyone who
wants these.  Cost is $50.00 for the setup.  This gives you the "ratio"
needed for a silky smooth throttle response.  Highly recommended.

Please contact me at "JenniferLW@MSN.com" and title message "throttle"
or call me at (970) 206 9594.  I also have a good write up about my
experience if interested.

Wietse Wullink

75 Euro 530i w/3.5 Motronic & 5 spd.

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