Power steering purge - follow up

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Power steering purge - follow up

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On E9 forum found info on purging system : can drain system by removing set screw at bottom of pump - 9mm hex hex screw w/ 7 mm head - have to remove pump from mounting bracket to access hex screw and secure it by attaching upper mounts on pump to lower mounts on bracket temporarily to get enough leverage. However this eliminates having to disconnect lines that were not leaking and even having to drain fill reservoir.
Have a question though ? should I refill system w/ atf and drain to flush system or just run a bit of atf thru lines to mini purge. ATF is expensive. Also the drain plug is at lowest point in system so initial draining purges all old atf. Thanks.
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Re: Power steering purge - follow up

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It's not bad practice, but unless it seems dirty or contaminated I wouldn't bother.
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