Installing E28 533i/535i in an E12

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Courtesy of Troy Rudolph
1) Remove the radiator brackets from the core support.
2) Position the radiator carefully and mark the spots where holes must drilled. Watch out for interference forward of the core support on the right side.
3) Drill the holes. Install the radiator using the correct hardware. (The dealer has it and it isn't expensive.)
4) Remove the temp switches from the old radiator and put them on the new. Relocate the wiring as needed. On my car it was exactly the right length.
5) Install 533i/535i hoses.

The 528i fan shroud will not fit. The dealer quoted me $45 for the 533i shroud. I didn't buy and it turns out I don't need it. The clearance between the radiator and the fan is about the same.

1/25/02 Note from Peter Florance: I (and a few others) had to get an e28 style thermostat cover (not housing) to get the proper angle on the lower radiator hose

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